FOM: Friends of Mango
Pictures of Mango's Friends from Around the World

Let's start with Mango's family. As you can see he's
definitely not alone in his monkey business.

"Hi. My name is Peaches and I'm an alcoholic." Any unguarded glass of wine is fair game for her tongue but a Gewűrztraminer is her favorite!

This is Bubbles. She is rather shy but that doesn't stop her from getting into mischief. We think she was bidding on something on ebay.

--- Mango's Friends ---

This is Nairobi who lives in Redondo Beach, California, USA. His custodian Patty says she was happier when he was shy around her guests.

Miley resides in South Hero, Vermont, USA with her mentor and guardian Sallyanne. For Miley, the bathtub is a place to play with her rubber duckie!

This guy is Costello who lives in Helsingborg, Sweden with Alice and Magnus. It is quite obvious what kind of trouble he has been getting into!

This is Nelly who calls Umeå, Sweden home along with her guardian Kristen. We have solid evidence that she is very good at getting into mischief.

This is Inka who lives in Roskilde, Denmark with Lis. He is experiencing his first snow in this picture. It appears that he quickly adapted to life as a snowcat.

Little Kionee also lives in Roskilde, Denmark with Lis. House plants are favorite toys for Abys and usually don't last long - as this one didn't.

This is Alf who lives in Iceland with his companion and custodian Inga. Running water is one of the best cat toys!

FOMs aren't necessarily feline. Mango's new friend Barrett visiting from Chicago acquired a fur collar.

Jessica, Simba's companion, tells us that Simba has a girlfriend upstairs who, evidently, thinks a lot of him. He frequently visits her, however, he gets upset if her husband is home but even more upset if she's out and only her husband is home!  The husband has the unenviable task of returning the hissing Simba to his home.

This is Miss Mango, Cheryn's baby, who was not named after our Mango - so she says. Miss Mango looks as though she couldn't bear to see what was about to happen to her toy mouse. Cheryn and Mango live in Monterey Park, California.

This is Mancini admiring her picture as wallpaper on the computer. She has one green and one blue eye and is a shelter cat who found a good and loving home with Elyese in San Diego, California.

Linnea lives in Höör, Sweden with Vera. Linnea, like many cats, finds a cardboard box endlessly entertaining. She looks like she's ready to pounce someone - probably her poor brother Laban. She's so cute but looks like real trouble!

Laban, Linnea's brother also in Höör, Sweden, offers a clear and concise explanation as to why Aby owners don't have cluttered counters. Any surface is only a launching pad to the next one and anything carelessly left on the counter will soon be on the floor. Laban's specialty is being a sock thief. He will steal a sock and run off with it. Probably best just to buy him his own socks!

Cosmo-Kramer (top) and Bugs live in Traverse City, Michigan with Carolyn. This is another typical situation where the Aby seeks the highest point on any piece of furniture. These two were acting innocent at this particular moment...



Faramir is a resident of Muttenz, Switzerland. He really enjoys playing in the bathtub... while there's water in it! He also likes to play with balloons by holding the knot in his mouth and bumping people with the balloon or leaping up and batting away a balloon that has been tossed at him. His only concern when they pop is how soon he'll get another. The noise doesn't startle him!  His custodian Helena is constantly entertained by him. Click here for a Faramir story.

Want to be really amazed by Faramir?  Click here to see the tricks he's learned!

This Blue Aby, Blámi, lives in Reykjavik, Iceland with Inga. Blámi has a particular love for dried fish and is insistant that he gets to keep his "kill."

Blámi's roommate, Lukku Láki,enjoys being vacuumed. Rather than running from the vacuum he runs toward it to get groomed.

Persia lives in New Zealand with Allison. This little Ruddy discovered an unguarded jar of yoghurt and nearly got her head stuck in the jar! She and her brother Jasper had a great time cleaning her up.

Miki, Cheryn's Red Abyssinian is endlessly entertained by the bird feeder conveniently located just outside the window.

This is Rush who is a Red Aby. Rush tends to hog a heating pad that he knows is his and delusional Shannon thinks is hers. Rush knows better.

Rush has a roommate named Ichabod Snerdley who officially is Shannon's husband Mark's cat. Ichabod is second in line for the heating pad after Rush and before Shannon.

Monkey is part Aby and lives in Seattle, Washington, USA with Mary and Robert. He catches flying bugs in mid-air, jumps to the highest point in a room - usually on top of doors - and other typical Aby tricks. He's crazy and active and a little cuddler too.

Micah, Kelly's beautiful Fawn Aby, certainly sleeps with confidence!  Kelly says he loves to have his face kissed and keeps pressing for more - one kiss is never enough. Although living in California with four other cats, Micah stands out as the "cuddler."

Molly, an Aby-tabby mix is Jane's baby. She spent so much time watching TV - from the top down - that Jane could go fetch the camera and return to find her still enthralled!

Tut, living with May in Santa Barbara, California has a love for bananas. May says this banana was unidentifiable just after this picture was taken. Now that's a different food group for a cat!

Filou (French for "Rascal") lives in Munich, Germany and is well loved by Barbara and Siegmar. Filou is snacking on a... oh, no... mango!. And then something more normal: corn. Filou (like most Abys) needs to to be in the middle of everything particularly when food is involved.

In Memory of Our Dear Friends

If you have a photo of your cat doing something "Mango-like" and want it shared with the world please e-mail it to us along with his or her name, the story behind the picture, your name and where you are in the world. Keep the resolution fairly high so we have a good image to work with. Mango appreciates seeing his fellow felines misbehaving... because it makes him look normal!

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