The Amazing Faramir

Helena, Faramir's mentor, has been using the advice book titled "Clickertraining - (mehr als) Spaß für Katzen" [a German publication, the title in English: "Clicker Training (more than) Fun for Cats"] to train Faramir - with some amazing results! Commands are given to Faramir with a clicker rather than voice commands. Helena says Faramir purrs the entire time - he enjoys the extra attention.

The starting point and a place to return when told (in this case a simple washcloth on the floor)

The first trick Faramir learned was to jump from chair to chair. Once that was mastered a hoop was added

Isn't he beautiful? A very graceful jump.

Going one step further, a plank is placed between the chairs and Faramir is instructed to stand on his hind legs.

A more simple task is to have Faramir shake hands

Now to wave bye-bye.

Faramir then learned to do more advanced tricks with a basketball

The first command is to put his paw on the ball.

Now he has to put both paws on the ball.

Now to wave with one paw while his front legs are on the ball

Waving with the other paw..

The begining of completely standing on the ball.

Such a trusting little guy.

Next command is to stand up on the ball. Good balance!

Pretty amazing? What a star Faramir is!