In Memory Of Our Dear Friends
Remembering Those No Longer With Us

Our little furry friends can never live as long as we want them to and get too close to our hearts for us to ever let them go. This section is dedicated to the Friends of Mango who are no longer with us.

Squid   1989 - 2001

Our Dear Squid

We again start with family. Squid was the quintessential Aby who taught everyone he met what Abys were all about. Squid was too smart and too emotional. He had a real temper but would also be overwhelmingly affectionate and he let each person know exactly how they stood with him, good or bad. Whenever there were people over he assumed he was the center of attention. He could connect what would seem on the surface to be disconnected events and the next time the first event occurred he was waiting the second event ("How did you know that?"). He was a great friend and companion and we miss each and every day.

Alf   2002 - 2003


Little Alf left us far too early. He was a sweet little guy, a beautiful cat and an overactive and playful Aby. The world is a little more silent without his soft purr and he is greatly missed by his companion Inga. Alf was an indoor cat but he still felt the need to bring food to Inga. Since he couldn't catch a mouse or a bird one morning he woke her as he was dragging a loaf of bread into the bedroom.

Miss Mango   2002 - 2004

Miss Mango

Miss Mango wasn't named after our Mango but rather the black & white cat of Cheryn's former employer. Mango was a fun little girl who had a "designated petting station" where she preferred scratching and would jump on top of her cat condo if the word "treat" was said and anxiously wait for her treat. Cheryn said her home was too quiet without the red flash running around.

Danté 1995 - 2005


Danté was part of Mango's extended family. He was rescued off the street in the Encino section of Los Angeles in 2002. He was sweet, affectionate, gentle, playful, intelligent, brave and gregarious. All of my neighbors knew him as the cat who barged into their homes and made himself comfortable. I will be forever honored that he chose to love me and bond to me and we had a wonderful relationship each and every day of our three years together. He was a busy and active cat but fell suddenly ill and died on 20 May 2005. I am so sad to have lost him and miss him terribly but he will always live on in my heart.

Nairobi & Kenya 1991 - 2006

Nairobi and Kenya

Nairobi and Kenya were litter mates adopted by Mango's friend Patty at the Santa Monica CFA cat show in 1991. Both kittens grew into beautiful, gentle and confident adults. As Nairobi grew older he developed numerous health problems all of with which he delt with grace and outlived his veterinarian's projections by several years. Finally the time came when his illnesses overcame him and he passed away quietly. Kenya, always the healthy one, was lying in Patty's lap about a week later when he experienced a fatal heart attack. We believe the loss of his brother and life-long companion was too much for him to bear.