Mango's Favorite Links

Fun Stuff--- "Abys change your perception of what is 'normal'," Göran Fernold in Umeå, Sweden

The Squid Art Gallery
Squid is an Abysinnian cat who enjoys posing in some of the world's most famous works of art as well as some his own original art. Truely remarkable feline art! Click here to see a review by Jen Longshaw from the "Nature of Animals."

Danté's Aby Gallery
Danté is sort of the patriarch of Mango's extended family. He's a beautiful and sweet Ruddy Aby who was found wandering on the street in 2002 and was given a loving and safe home that he has really enjoyed since then. Enjoy some pictures of a happy and confident cat.

The Cat Basket
This charming cat site is in the U.K. and a testament to Matt's love for his kitties Simba and Misty (an Aby and a Tabby). Mango particularly likes Matt's cat food recipes.

Flippy's Cat Page
This site in Melbourne, Australia has an amazing amount of stories, pictures, treat recipies, links, health advice and other cat fun.

Inga's Cats (Kisurnar hennar Ingu)
This site is in Icelandic but the pictures tell you everything you need to know. Inga has a gallery dedicated to her beautiful Blue Aby named Blámi ("Blue" in Icelandic), an Aby and Tabby mix named Lukku Láki ("Lucky Luke") and of her lost love, a sweet little Ruddy Aby named Alf (see the Friends of Mango section In Memory of Our Dear Friends).

Punk Kittens
Punk Kittens is a hilarious animation created by Joel Veitch that is sure to entertain you. It requires Macromedia's Flash Player.

Abyssinian Information & Rescue Sites

Southern California Abyssinian Rescue (S.C.A.R.)

S.C.A.R. is a network of dedicated volunteers who serve the Southern California area and the CFA Southwest Region in rescuing and finding homes for Abyssinian and Somali cats and kittens that are in need.

The National Abyssinian Cat Rescue (USA)
The National Abyssinian Cat Rescue is an Abyssinian breed rescue and education organization. It was formed by a group of dedicated Abyssinian cat lovers who have joined forces to help any Aby in distress anywhere and at anytime.

The Abyssinian & Somali Cat Alliance
This Aby and Somali group is in the United Kingdom

This site has a lot of links to Abyssinian web sites and cat general interest sites all over the world

Abyssinian Cat Club of Australasia
The Abyssinian Cat Club of Australasia was founded in 1966 and is the oldest and largest Club of this type in Australia. The Club is devoted to the welfare of Abyssinian and Somali cats and caters for owners, exhibitors and breeders from around Australia and New Zealand.

The Abyssinian Cat Association (UK)
The official website of the Abyssinian Cat Association - the U.K. association for Abyssinian cats of all colours, and friendly helpful advice

Sites About All Cat Breeds

Cat Fancier's Association
Just about everything you are likely to want to know about cat breeds and cat health can be found here.

TICA - The International Cat Association
This organization recognizes a few breeds the CFA does not. Also a good source of breed information.

Catz Incorporated
This organization is in New Zealand and provides interesting information about the various breeds

Fédération Internationale Féline (FIFe)
FIFe could be called the United Nations of Cat Federations. This organization works to standardize breed definitions among other efforts and has member organizations in 29 countries.

Cat Fun and Infomation Sites

Comic Cats
This site features funny cat photos, cartoons and vintage comics.