Danté's Aby Cat Gallery

Not the world's "Most Photographed Aby" ... yet!

Believe it or not, this handsome Ruddy Abyssinian is a rescue. He was a lost cat whose home we tried to but could never find. He was between six and seven years old when he was found in August 2002 and is so affectionate, so well behaved, so devoted and just so much fun. I'm happy we couldn't find his original home so he could live with me yet I feel some sadness that he lost a home and a family that obviously took good care of him. They must have cuddled him so frequently and given him so much love since he just expects it to be that way. He has become a favorite of my neighbors being so sweet and friendly when he visits their homes. He is testimony to adopting older pets whose personalities are well established (you know what you are getting) and he should be the "poster boy" for why you should consider microchipping your pets!

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--- Epilogue ---

Far too often in life we are asked to say goodbye to friends and family much sooner than we would like. Such is the case with my brave and beautiful Danté who, after a very brief illness, died of heart failure on the morning of May 20. We had three wonderful but far too short years together.

Originally I had created this web page to show off my sweet, beautiful Aby but now I want it to be a tribute to him and to encourage people to adopt older cats and dogs. He wasn't young in years but young at heart and Danté had an incredible amount of love to give and was more loyal to me than I ever anticipated. He was brave and bold while being sweet and gentle. He trusted me and only behaved with caution if I approached something with caution.

In true Aby form, he would demand attention from our visitors even if he never met them before - of course they were only there to scratch his head. He was my companion and my best friend who I will miss every remaining day of my life.