Frequently Asked Questions Asked About Mango

  Is Mango a specific breed of cat?

He is a Ruddy (also known as a Tawny, Usual, Lièvre, Wildkleur, Vildtfarvet or ABYn) Abyssinian They have short-haired coats where the hair is orange to apricot (or mango!) colored at the base and black at the tip with bands of color in between becoming darker as they progress toward the tip of the hair. This "ticking" gives an overall impression of a golden brown color. Abys are the oldest know breed having come to England from East Africa in the 1860s and were then commonly called Bunny Cats becuse of their ticked coats. Their genetic heritage has been traced to a type of wild cat native to western India.

Abys are very loyal, very loving, athletic, seemingly fearless and very social. They seem to think your visitors are there only to see them and, much alike a child, will show off for them. Abys can be a very addictive; a home without an Aby is missing that special vibration. And they are a lot of fun too.

  Where does Mango live?

He lives in West Hollywood, California.

  How old is Mango?

He was born on February 12, 2001.

  Where was Mango born?

He was born at Suncharmer Abyssinians (now retired from breeding) in Oak Hills, California which is near Hesperia and Victorville.

  What’s it like living with Mango?

Although Mango is every bit as goofy as these pictures make him appear, he is also even-tempered and very affectionate. He loves to cuddle, is quick to purr and really is the perfect companion. He's totally rambunctious and very playful yet in the middle of play he will stop for a moment to cuddle - and then go back to play. Abys take curiosity to a new level and there's no task one can do without having Mango in the middle of it "helping."

  Is Mango an only cat?

Mango lives with two lovely female cats, Bubbles and Peaches. Bubbles is a grey and white Tabby and Peaches is a Ruddy Abyssinian. He is very fond and protective of his furry roommates. Even though they are unrelated, they are a happy family

  What kind of food does he eat?

There was the thought of giving him the middle name of "Porcellino" ("little pig" in Italian) due to his penchant for chomping on any unguarded food but he got lucky and didn't get the name! Mango as well as Bubbles and Peaches usually eat both Eukanuba and Royal Canin dry food which is frequently augmented with a variety of wet food choices and lots of kitty treats. As you can tell by Mango's shiny coat and healthy appearance, this diet really works for him!

  Is Mango an indoor or outdoor cat?

All three cats are well loved, well cared for and kept indoors which is vastly safer for them in a busy metropolitan area.

  Are Mango's pictures real or digital art?

None of Mango’s photos are digital creations or the result of creative "photoshoping" nor are they posed (have you ever tried to pose a cat??!). Mango is such a busy little guy there are always photo opportunities!

  What kind of camera was used for these pictures?

In the early days, when Mango was young, a variety of film cameras were used (Minolta Maxxum 700s, Minolta Maxxum 7D, Canon 40D, Minolta Maxxum 7si, Minolta Vectis 3000) but has given way to digital. Current photos have been taken with several dSLRs: Minolta 7D, Sony A900, and a Canon 1D Mark II, and a Canon 7D as well as several pocket digital cameras: Canon PowerShot S400 and PowerShot SD450 and an elderly but remarkably proficient Kodak DC3400). Mango is quite accustomed to having a camera pointed at him!

  Where can I learn more about Abyssinians?

There are several formal organizations where you can learn about Abyssinians and other breeds of cats:

Visit the The Abyssinian CFA Breed Standards to learn more about judging standards for Abyssinians.

For some great links to Aby sites around the world, visit AbyWorld run by the very dedicated Mike Shammas in England.

There are some informative books available on the Abyssinian breed (all available from Amazon):

  • "Abyssinian Cats: Everything About Acquisition, Care, Nutrition,
    Behavior, Health Care, and Breeding (Barron's Complete Pet
    Owner's Manuals)" by J. Anne Helgren
  • "Guide to Owning an Abyssinian Cat" by Judah Track
  • "Abyssinian Cat" by Judah Track (hardcover version of the book above)
  • "Abyssinian Cats" by Stewart A. Helgren
  • "This Is the Abyssinian Cat" by Kate Faler
  • "Abyssinians (Kw Series)" by Ruth Cooke-Zimmermann
  • "Your Cat: Simple New Secrets to a Longer, Stronger Life" by Elizabeth M. Hodgkins D.V.M. Esq.

Pets are a lifetime committment, not just a purchase! Abys are very active and very social cats who need a lot of love and attention so, depending on your lifestyle, an Aby may or may not be the right choice for you. Abys are definitely not lap cats but will be your most dedicated and loving companion.

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